CBG For Pleurisy

CBG For Pleurisy

CBG is cannabigerol which is extracted from different strains of the hemp plant. It is nontoxic and non psychoactive in nature which makes it useful in the medical industry. CBG has a number of medical properties which can help treat chronic pain, bacterial infection, inflammation, insomnia, depression and mood issues. CBG has emerged as a potential substance against pleurisy. In fact, CBG is becoming the safest alternative to treat pleurisy.

What is pleurisy?

Pleurisy is a type of chest pain, it affects your body part known as pleura. Pleura is a thin membrane that is present inside the lines of the lungs. When this membrane has inflammation then it is known as pleurisy.

Causes Of Pleurisy

Thin layer pleura separate the lungs from the chest. One layer is around your lungs and other is in the inner lines of your chest.  The other common cause that can lead to pleurisy are,

  1. Bacterial infection pneumonia and viral infection influenza.
  2. Fungal infection and autoimmune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. Infection from medications
  4. Rib fracture and sickle cell disease.
  5. Lung cancer or lung near the pleural surface.

Symptoms Of Pleurisy

The symptoms related to pleurisy are usually the pain in the chest. The other common symptoms which you can observe in pleurisy are,

  1. Having sharp and stabbing pain in the chest while breathing. The feeling of pain become worse when you breathe deeply.
  2. Having pain in shoulder, back and neck area.
  3. Having chills, fever, and continuous coughing.
  4. Huge loss in weight.

When to consult a doctor?

The given symptoms can be observed in 3-4 days and it is better to consult a doctor immediately. A doctor will ask for your medical history and may refer you for a different test like chest x-ray and mucus analysis. If you neglect the given symptoms then pleurisy can take chronic form.

Use of CBG in pleurisy

CBG is one of the best organic compounds which can reduce the symptoms of pleurisy. CBG has the anti-inflammatory property which reduces the inflammation caused in pleurisy. It also reduces the other symptoms like a loss in weight and sleep. CBG is non psychoactive in nature which makes it completely safe to use. You can also use CBG in oil and tincture form.

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Home remedies for pleurisy

Use warm fluids

Try to stay hydrated by having warm water. It will also reduce other symptoms like congestion and coughing. You can use warm fluids in different forms like broths, herbal teas, and warm water.


Keeping your chest moist from inside will help in reducing congestion. To get steam you should use a steam vaporizer and cool-mist humidifier. This will also remove the bacteria and other pathogens which can increase the inflammation. The other way to increase the moisture in breathing air is inhaling the steam when having a hot shower

Use of honey

Honey has antibacterial and antiviral property.

Use fruits

When suffering from pleurisy then you should have fruits like berries, pomegranate, guava, and licorice root.

Quit smoking

It is better to quit smoking completely, do not use CBG or CBD in vaping or in smoke form. The best alternative can be the use of CBG oil orally.

Final words On CBG For Pleurisy

The symptoms of pleurisy are very common so you have to be careful while identifying pleurisy symptoms. Use of CBG can be an effective alternative to treat pleurisy and you can also try given home remedies to reduce the pleurisy symptoms.