You love your kids very much. So much you can’t see them in a distressed state at all. But you never know when a disorder makes them troubled. Since they are too young, it is difficult for them to express their problem till the time it takes a serious form.
At the initial stages, you always try home-based medications or natural remedies. One such promising gift of nature can be CBD oil. Having said that, one aspect also needs to be mentioned here and that is the content of psychoactive THC in the cannabis products. An unknown fear is always associated with its use. But is it really safe for your kids as well? This needs to be addressed and investigated.
Through this article, we will try to highlight some ways how hemp CBD oil can help your kids in some medical problems. Also, there will be some checks you should consider getting the best product. As far as dosage is concerned it is advisable to consult a doctor before the use.

The effectiveness of CBD oil for kids will depend upon a number of factors. So you should know a few things before its use.

Things To Know Before Using CBD Oil For Kids

These considerations will allow you to choose the best possible quality CBD product for your kid.

1. Even hemp derived CBD oil may have THC

Of course, hemp plant extracted CBD oil has less probability of THC content in it. But not all products are equally made and are of great quality. So you need to understand the difference between THC and CBD.
THC binds with the CB1 receptors in the brain whereas it is not so with CBD. It means if your kid consumes pure CBD oil it is non-psychoactive at all.
Over-the-counter CBD oil offered in legal health stores may contain some THC in it so look for it an choose the pure one without THC.

2. Research the quality of CBD oil

In most of the states, it is illegal to sell over-the-counter CBD oil with any amount of THC in it. So read the label of the actual product to find out it is THC free. Reviews can be of great help if you are buying it from the internet. You can always ask the parents who have given it to their kids and gather as much as information as you can. And remember stick to hemp derived CBD oil with no THC.

3. Refer to the study related to the use of CBD Oil in different disorders(Sleeping Issues, Nervous Disorders, Anxiety)

By now we understand CBD oil is safe for kids but why parents should consider its use for their kids? Well, studies suggest CBD oil helps treats many disorders in kids such as sleeping, anxiety disorders, childhood epilepsy, hyperactivity and more. Let’s justify it.

A 2016 CBD anxiety and sleep study published in the Journal of Permanente tells that CBD can be helpful to treat kids with anxiety and sleeping disorders.

There is one more 2017 CBD epilepsy study published in the Journal of Epilepsy Research that explains how CBD oil can be a useful anticonvulsant and can help manage symptoms related to (Dravet syndrome) a form of childhood epilepsy.

Another 2017 CBD ADHD study published in the Journal of European College of Neuropsychopharmacology suggests that CBD may be able to calm the hyperactive children suffering from attention-deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
Why we wanted you to refer to these studies? Well, healing has a close relationship with your belief. If you believe firmly that you will be okay with a particular medicine, you heal fast. So by reading these research-based studies, you get a scientific backup justifying your belief in CBD’s potent healing powers.
One thing more, it will be fine if you take the prescription from a doctor about the dosage of CBD oil. He or she can suggest you the possible reactions with the other medications currently treating your kid.

4. Look for DEA approved legal CBD Oil

As a responsible citizen, you need to follow the rules of that land. You may come across many manufacturers of CBD oil who will claim they are selling a legal product. But it is always not so. To avoid troubles you should have a prescription with you. You can also refer to the 2014 farm bill that has set up the guidelines for hemp farming in the USA.

5. CBD Oil may not be very cheap

If you make your mind to buy the best CBD oil it should be prepared from a safe CO2 extraction process devoid of toxins. That makes it quite expensive. The cost will also depend upon the place where you are buying it as the taxes in different states may vary accordingly. So do a comparison online and get an idea what most price most of the vendors are asking for their product. This way you get a rough idea about the pricing.


CBD may have the potential to make your kid healthy once again. The anecdotal evidence and various researches are available there to prove it. Having said that, it can help your kid to the maximum extent provided you buy a genuine product which is administered in the proper dosage. Try speaking to the doctor and get a prescription before using CBD oil for your kids. And most importantly acquire it through legal channels. We hope we have passed on our message to you. The intention is not t scare you at all. But we want your kids to be safe so these considerations beforehand can lead you to the right product!!

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