Kidneys play a vital function in removing wastes from our system such as food, toxins as well as drugs through the passage of urine. They also assist in the regulation and filtration of minerals from our blood before it retreats back to the heart. Our kidneys also retain the fluid balance and generate hormones that create the RBC’s or red blood cells, revamp bone health and also controls blood pressure. The Kidneys are a component of our urinary tract that contains the bladder, ureters and the duct known as the urethra.

There are various issues concerning Kidney health and Kidney stones are one such common problem. These stones are concrete masses and develop due to an accumulation of crystalline substances such as calcium, oxalate or uric acid. They turn to solid masses due to the inability of the urinary fluid to dilute it. Such kidney stones also develop if there are fewer substances in the urine to resist such crystals from adhering to each other. Patients who are afflicted with stones undergo immense pain to such a point that it gets difficult for them to stand upright. Such patients also experience a great degree of pain and discomfort while peeing, and at times followed with fever, vomiting, and chills.
Research has proven that the phytonutrient sourced from the hemp plant known as CBD can offer therapeutic advantages with regard to kidney ailments.

Track Record Of CBD In Kidney Disease

CBD For Kidney Stones

The major cannabinoid found within the hemp plant, CBD has been recognized for its potential ameliorate the renal function. A specific animal study has revealed that CBD can lower oxidative stress, swelling, and cell decay inside the kidney. This discovery has made the researchers believe in its capacity to prevent kidney ailment and minimizing kidney damage.

These protective influence of CBD results from its stimulation of the cannabinoid receptors that are situated all across our body. By indirectly triggering the CB2 receptors, CBD is beneficial from safeguarding our kidneys by scaling down inflammation and also oxidative stress.
Moreover, it can restrict kidney damage resulting from a polycystic kidney ailment by making the blood pressure fall. In fact, both animals, as well as human research, have presented that cannabinoids can help to reduce blood pressure and scale down kidney impairment.CBD CBC OIL

How CBD Helps In Kidney Stones

CBD For Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can bring excruciating pain and in certain cases, patients also require surgical intervention. Persons are ready to undergo anything to bypass the pain that results from passing a stone through urination and also contraction. Chances are also there that if you already possessed a kidney stone there is a more likely chance of having another stone. The stones navigate throughout the urinary tract prior to coming out. CBD can assist with pain alleviation, as it has analgesic properties and utilizes similar pain pathways inside our body just like opiates. Further, as CBD is an effective anti-inflammatory agent, it can reduce any inflammation within the track resulting from the coming out of the stone.

Further, the muscle-relaxant qualities of CBD are just what our strained and stressed out urinary tubes require. The limited the spasms, the lesser is the pain felt by the kidney stone patients. Wherever inflammation results, be it the urinary tract or elsewhere the anti-microbial attribute of CBD can intercept the source of any inflammation and counter it effectively. CBD can lower the swelling within our body by promoting the working of the immune mechanism.

In addition, conditions like CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) which are chronic condition resulting from high BP and high blood sugar or diabetes are also handled by CBD. High BP impairs the glomeruli that are small structures that help in the purification of blood inside the kidneys. This reduces the capacity of the glomeruli to operate and purify the blood. The healing compound CBD helps to safeguard the blood vessels by bringing down the blood pressure. As cannabidiol works like a vasodilator, it opens up or dilates the blood vessels and permits the easy flow of blood and impacts the muscles within arterial walls.
CBD is highly effective in lowering blood pressure, which protects blood vessels. Diabetics with blood sugar that go unchecked are within the risk factor of impairing their kidneys. CBD has exhibited blood sugar stabilization attributes, controls nerve inflammation and also neuropathic pain.

CBD Users Reviews From ThoughtCloud

Shannon ( Full Spectrum CBD Oil )

Having been on xanax and Ambien for years it is wonderful to take something that helps me relax and doesn’t give me a hangover. I also suffer from a horrible kidney disease that at times is causes great pain. This CBD oil helps a great deal. I have cut my pain med in half.

Joseph B. ( CBD Oil for Pets )

Very satisfied with my first order which I give to my two dogs! The oldest is 18.5 years old and has kidney issues and my youngest is 3 and has anxiety issues. Would happily recommend this cbd oil!

Wrapping Up

So to speak, there is no therapy that offers a singular treatment when it involves kidney stones. But to provide you with pain relief and mitigating inflammation that occurs during the course of the passing out of the stone, CBD does help. Though it does not feature in the mainstream treatment of kidney stones, yet as an alternative therapy, it helps in the management of pain and inflammatory symptoms related to stones.

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