Phytocannabinoids have emerged as a great source of healing chronic pain and inflammation, which makes it beneficial to regulate the back pain and also disc ailments of a degenerative nature. You often view the positive comments on the Reddit forum as to how CBD has proven to be an effective solution in alleviating back pain, nerve compression and also disc disorders. You can carry out your everyday activities with ease after taking the proper dosage of CBD or can apply CBD oil to treat your back pain as it functions as a beneficial natural option for pain management. Such back pain is linked with degenerative disc ailments like a herniated disc.

What  Herniated Disc Actually Is

CBD For Herniated Disc
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The spinal cord is shaped by the vertebrae of the backbone. In the middle of your vertebrae, there are circular, flat buttressing pads known as intervertebral discs, that function similar to shock absorbers. Each disc contains a gel type soft nucleus called the nucleus pulposus. The herniated disc is also known as a slipped or ruptured disc and is a painful condition due to the herniated nucleus pulposus pressing against the nerves situated close to your disc.
A herniated disc develops generally insider the lower region of the spine or can also emerge in the thoracic or cervical spine. They comprise the most general factors that cause neck aches and leg or back pain.
Two kinds of spinal disc problems exist such as pinched nerve and disc pain. Your spinal discs assist in keeping your back flexible so that you can twist and bend. With age, they display wear and tear signs and may not function as well.

Causes Behind Herniated Discs

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Your spinal discs are constituted of a delicate inner core along with a tough outside wall. These discs alter in ways that can result in degenerative disc disorders like:

Dry Out

During birth, the spinal discs are composed of water and with time and age, it loses water and becomes thinner. Discs that are flatter are unable to absorb shocks and the loss of water indicates less padding or cushioning between the vertebrae. This causes various spinal problems which lead to pain.


The stress caused by daily movements and small injuries sustained for years results in tiny tears within the external wall where nerves are present. Any tears close to the nerves turn painful and in case the wall disintegrates, the soft core of the disc may infiltrate the cracks. The disc can shift from its place or bulge and this condition is referred to as a herniated or slipped disc which affects the surrounding nerves.

Symptoms Linked To Herniated Discs

Herniated discs originate generally in the lumbar spine or the lower back. In addition, it can also arise inside your cervical spine and even the neck. Some of the general symptoms linked to herniated disc include:

  • Sharp and persisting pain in your back, upper thighs, leg, arm, and neck
  • Moving the spine in a particular position, sneezing and coughing all results in shooting pain in the arm or leg.
  • Muscle weakness where it serves the affected nerves which hinders the ability to lift or hold things or makes you stumble
  • Pricking and numbness in the region of the body where the affected nerves operate

CBD Assists In The Symptom Management Of Herniated Discs

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CBD tackles not only the pain emanating from herniated discs but also other related symptoms like inflammation, sleeplessness, anxiety and also muscle weakness. Some of the ways in which cannabidiol can help in herniated discs include the following:

Treats Nerve Injury Or Damage

Cannabinoids especially are beneficial in healing pain resulting from nerve injury. CBD modulates the injury response as after a nerve injury or damage neurons near the nociceptive pathway can turn more reactive through a process called sensitization. This process leads to a surge of cellular events which causes the growth of pain-sensitive nerve terminations. Phytocannabinoids like CBD are said to lower pain by altering such cellular events. In addition, CBD also halts nociceptive conduction within the spinal cord and the ascending spinothalamic tract which is a vital sensory pathway of our nervous system and is associated with pain transmission and temperature. CB1 receptors situated in nociceptive endings near the peripheral nervous system prevents the pain transmission, while stimulation of CB2 receptors within the immune cells on which CBD acts helps in reducing the discharge of nociceptive agents.

Acts As An Antiinflammatory Agent

The anti-inflammatory characteristic of CBD has been found to be effective in treating chronic inflammation of the brain. It can also direct itself against oxidative-stress and dysfunction of the cell. CBD lowers the production of cytokines that are pro-inflammatory cells and modulates inflammation.

Counter Muscle Weakness

Cannabinoids like CBD has a beneficial outcome on muscle spasticity and alleviation of pain in patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis, This indicates that CBD can be positively utilized to heal muscle spasms and weaknesses.
CBD possess antispasmodic and anticonvulsant properties and can assist in recovery from muscle strains, trauma, muscle weakness, dehydration, and nerve injury or damage and also from spinal cord injury.

Conclusion On CBD For Herniated Disc

The therapeutic benefits offered by CBD on account of its anti-spasm, pain and inflammation mitigation qualities can prove helpful in reducing the damage to the intervertebral discs that leads to its degeneration. CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system which on its own functions with a various body system and optimizes them to improve neurological, musculoskeletal and brain health. Its anti-inflammatory attribute helps to cure numerous chronic ailments from migraines, Crohn’s disease, arthritis, Lyme disease, autoimmune disorders besides more. After all, inflammation is an integral cause for many illnesses and CBD besides countering inflammation also helps in curing the underlying causes.

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