When you think of cannabinoids, you cannot provide separate CBD dosage statistics because no two individuals have the same body composition. There are endless differentiators like weight, metabolism, hereditary, diet, environment, and product compliance that makes it impossible to prescribe a universal dosage.
Bearing this in mind, first-timers should start off with minimal dosage advised on a particular CBD product. This should be slowly increased until the attainment of the desired results. That’s what the up-titration process suggests.
Use one dropper every day of CBD is the dosage that is often suggested. Though this is among the most general dosage, no process exists that can tell that it is the proper dosage for an individual as it fails to consider essential aspects like:

  • CBD concentration
  • The body weight of a person
  • An individual’s body chemistry
  • The severity of the illness being treated

Weighing such factors, it can be said that there is no such dosage or serving size that fits everywhere. Some trial & error is bound to occur in your exact dosage assessment. The dosages of CBD are likely to vary during the lifetime of an individual as with the change in our body’s physiology, the receptors inside our endocannabinoid mechanism also change. These receptors are directly accountable for interacting with CBD.

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With no universally specified CBD dosage, you can follow these three tips to ascertain your dosage.

1. Assess Your Dosage Depending On The Weight Of Your Body

Persons with greater body mass need a greater CBD quantity to feel it impacts. So to speak, a practical rule based on experience that evaluates your accurate dosage of CBD is to intake one to six mg for every ten pounds of your body weight depending upon the level of discomfort and pain of an individual.

2. Begin With A Small Amount And Increase Gradually

Our body constitution differs and so also our history with regard to medications and the application of substances as well as supplements that we intake. It has been rightly said that what works for you may not work for others.

In all likelihood, it becomes vital to first decide your starting dosage based upon your body weight, observe your body response towards that CBD quantity. Follow it with a slow increase and at the same time also monitor the reaction of your body till you explore the ideal dosage that actually works for you.

3. Discuss It With A Physician

Whenever confusion prevails, it is always worth to discuss it with a physician if there is a medical condition that exists. It helps you to find out a professional dosage that helps your condition.

By now you must have gained a fair idea of the amount of CBD to consume. Still, a dilemma remains as to how one can measure accurately the CBD dosage. What is the amount of CBD in your single puff from your vaporizer or the quantity of CBD in your dropper emanating from the CBD tincture?

An understanding of the proper measurement of your dosage becomes necessary more so due to the various methods of CBD consumption.

Let’s try to find out some way that at least will help in an approximate way to measure CBD dosage.

Measuring Your Dosage Of CBD TIncture

Applying the method of consumption through CBD tincture is most convenient. Just fill up the dropper and administer CBD oil beneath your tongue, and retain it there for around half an hour to 90 seconds prior to swallowing. As the dropper is our medium of administering the CBD tincture, it is necessary to know the quantity of CBD present in a dropper. Once this can be ascertained, then you can measure the amount of CBD you are consuming.

Generally, a dropper retains one milliliter of liquid. If you are able to find out the milliliters present inside a CBD tincture then a simple formula can be applied to decide the amount of CBD inside its dropper.
[Total CBD Contained In Bottle] divided by [Millilitre Number Inside Bottle] will be equal to the milligrams of CBD inside a dropper.
Though not 100% exact, but at least more accurate than not quantified at all.

Measuring Your Vaping Dosage Of CBD

Vaping or inhaling CBD is performed through a CBD e-liquid or even by a cartridge system. While utilizing a vape juice or e-liquid, you can begin by gauging the amount of CBD inside a dropper (as you did with a tincture). After you find this out you are able to know the amount of CBD you are filling inside a particular tank. When you vape all through the day keep track of when you are refilling the tank and the number of times you require to refill the tank.
For instance, if your exact dosage is 15 mg of CBD from a 500mg bottle containing CBD e-liquid, a single tank would include nearly 25 mg of CBD. To mention, that for accurately administering your dosage, you need to vape through a tank repeatedly all through the day.
Though this may not be 100 accurate, with constant monitoring, you can gauge for yourself the desired CBD intake.
It is only with CBD capsules you can find an accurate method of CBD consumption. This is due to the fact that CBD capsules contain an exact CBD amount. For example, if your maximum CBD dosage pertains to 15-25 mg, in that case purchasing a bottle filled with 20-25 mg capsule would suffice. It really becomes so easy when you consume capsules. Likewise, various consumption modes like CBD applicators, gummies, beverages are also more accurate, though not so convenient and easy as capsules.


To put it succinctly, as our endocannabinoid system varies, so the dosages also would be different. So to speak, this means that whereas some will experience comfort and relief from a dosage as simple as 3 mg twice daily, still others may find their sweet spot at 200 mg to be ingested four times daily or even higher!
With CBD hemp oil made available in endless forms with each having varying CBD concentration and different phytocannabinoids the basis of choosing CBD oil application depends on its manner of administration. You have to select the ideal manner of taking CBD oil based on your requirement and lifestyle.

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